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Shifting Sands: Seminaries Are at a Crossroads by Norman Jameson. Shifts in American religious life have theological institutions navigating unfamiliar landscape. More.


A Theme Park, a Scandal, and the Faded Ruins of a Televangelism Empire by Emily Johnson. If you happen to find yourself on I-77 just south of Charlotte, North Carolina, consider a detour to the crumbling ruins of what used […]


New Poll Finds Evangelicals’ Favorite Heresies by Kevin P. Emmert. Survey finds many American evangelicals hold unorthodox views on the Trinity, salvation, and other doctrines. More at CT.


Learning about Love: How Sex Ed Programs Undermine Happy Marriages by Cassandra Hough. Contemporary sex education prepares young men and women not for the fullness of friendship, intimacy and love, but for casual relationships and recreational sex. More.