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The Microaggression Farce by Heather Mac Donald. The latest campus fad, which sees racism everywhere, will create a new generation of permanent victims. More.


Poverty, the Rule of Law, and Human Flourishing by Samuel Gregg. If we want to be coherent when addressing poverty, our concerns can’t be rooted in emotivist or relativistic accounts of who human beings are. They must be founded on […]


Is The Concern About Rape Culture Making Things Worse? by J. R. Bruns. The internet blogs are aflame about the “rape culture” on college campuses across the country. The ground work was first established three years ago when the US […]


Misrule of the Few by Pavlos Eleftheriadis. The fundamental problem facing Greece is not economic growth but political inequality. To the benefit of a favored few, cumbersome regulations and dysfunctional institutions remain largely unchanged, even as the country’s infrastructure crumbles, […]


Hell by Meghan O’Gieblyn. A couple of years ago, a Chicago-based corporate-identity consultant Chris Herron gave himself the ultimate challenge: rebrand hell. It was half gag, half self-promotion, but Herron took the project seriously, considering what it would take for […]


Pilgrims & Baptists: The Little Known Connection by David Roach If not for a Baptist church split, the Pilgrims might never have come to America. Sort of. John Smyth, who often is credited with being the first Baptist, pastored a […]


The Origins of Aggressive Atheism by Emma Green. Non-believers are often marginalized in the U.S., which has led to a lot of resentment among their ranks. But don’t be deceived: For most Americans, lack of religion usually comes with a […]


The Failure of Tribal Schools by Sarah Butrymowicz. Despite being seen as a way up for Native Americans, tribal colleges often fail to produce results. With high costs and low graduation rates their existence is being questioned. More.


Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? by Dennis Bonnette. Pure myth! That is today’s typical view of a literal Adam and Eve. Yet, contrary to current skepticism, a real Adam and Eve remain credible—both in terms of Catholic doctrine and […]


Is Religious Freedom Good for Business?: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis by Brian J. Grim, Greg Clark, and Robert Edward Snyder. Against a global backdrop of steadily rising religious restrictions and hostilities, we expand the religious economies theory by articulating […]


The Medieval Mentality of Modern Science by Tom Siegfried. In many ways, today’s scientists are stuck in the Middle Ages. More.


Tayloring Christianity by Matthew Rose. Why was it once virtually impossible not to believe in God, while today many of us find this not only easy, but inescapable?” The question is Charles Taylor’s, and his nine-hundred-page answer has arguably been […]


Albany Psychosis by E. Fuller Torrey. The story of Gregory Seifert represents everything wrong with New York’s mental health system. Last year, while touring the Erie County Holding Center—better known as the Buffalo Jail—I observed him quietly hallucinating in his […]

Red Herring

The Red Herring ‘Gay Gene,’ And How Sexuality Is More Than Just Genetics by Chris Weller. Just recently, the largest twin study to date examining genes’ influence on homosexuality was published in the journal Psychological Medicine. The study involved 409 […]


The Truth about Evil by John Gray. See here.


The Strange Religious Future by Ross Douthat. I had the privilege of being part of a Fordham University event last night on the future of religion, responding (along with a rather more distinguished fellow panelist) to remarks by the religion […]


The Self is Moral by Nina Strohminger. We tend to think that our memories determine our identity, but it’s moral character that really makes us who we are. More.


A Time to Rend by R. R. Reno. It’s time to make a clear distinction between the government-enforced legal regime of marriage and the biblical covenant of marriage. In the past, the state recognized marriage, giving it legal forms to […]

Everything Redux

The New York Review of Books reviews This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein. Related: Previous review linked here.


Philip Jenkins reviews In God’s Path: The Arab Conquests and the Creation of an Islamic Empire by Robert G. Hoyland.