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The Endangered Species Act Isn’t Meant to Ignore the Human Species by Ilya Shapiro and Trevor Burrus. While California endures its worst drought in a century, a small, finger-sized fish with no known redeemable qualities, the delta smelt, has become […]


Mathematician Solves the Hipster Equation by Elizabeth Kulze. It’s a paradox that threatens the “hip” in “hipster” and endangers the entire existence of counterculture: By seeking to avoid labels and forgo the conventional in an effort to be original, somehow […]


In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds? by Natalie Wolchover and Peter Byrne. Testing the multiverse hypothesis requires measuring whether our universe is statistically typical among the infinite variety of universes. But infinity does a number on statistics. More. –


Science and the Human Person: Educating for Wisdom by William C. Mattison III. Catholic theology both deputizes, and in important ways is accountable to, scientific inquiry. This paper examines examples from the author’s experience as a moral theologian, and goes […]