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Genius and Faith

The Genius and Faith of Faraday and Maxwell by Ian H. Hutchinson. The religious commitments of the great scientists of history are today often dismissed as mere idiosyncrasies. Their beliefs are considered regrettable if understandable blemishes, the incidental flaws of […]

Common Core

How the Common Core Went Wrong by Frederick M. Hess. Even before the Common Core State Standards initiative was officially unveiled in June 2010, dozens of states had already pledged to adopt the standards. By the end of 2010, 39 […]


The New York Review of Books reviews four books dealing with the future of the Internet.


Is This the End for Mideast Christianity? by Philip Jenkins. For Christians in the Middle East, 2014 has been a catastrophe. The most wrenching stories have come from Iraq, where the nascent Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL in news reports) […]