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Can Science Prove the Existence of God? by Ethan Siegel. What it means if there’s no life anywhere else in the Universe, and what we know so far. More.


Our Father, Who Art In The Apple Store: The Decline Of Christmas And The Looming Tech Nightmare by Joel Kotkin. In the past, this season was marked by a greater interest in divinity, the family hearth and the joy of […]

Gone Fishing

Going up to the mountains for a few days . . . now new posts until Tuesday at the earliest.


The Man Behind the Most Infamous Cartoon of All Time by Elizabeth Winkler. Flemming Rose has been called a Nazi, a Muslim-hater, and a Danish Satan. He has been simultaneously targeted with death threats and blamed for the deaths of […]


Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God by Eric Metaxas. The odds of life existing on another planet grow ever longer. Intelligent design, anyone? More.


It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas: The Neuroscience of Our Nostalgia by Amanda Baker. Have you ever smelled something so familiar that it felt like you were transported back through time into one of your earlier memories? Have […]


Scientific Method: Defend the Integrity of Physics by George Ellis & Joe Silk. This year, debates in physics circles took a worrying turn. Faced with difficulties in applying fundamental theories to the observed Universe, some researchers called for a change […]


Fixing Occam’s Razor by Ethan Siegel. All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the best. But we don’t all agree on what “simple” means. More.


Here’s an excerpt from Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World by Addison Hodges Hart.


Confessions Of A Reluctant Culture Warrior by Robert Tracinski. I’ve recently been working on a review of the top stories of 2014, which gives me a chance to look back at everything I’ve written and get a sense of what […]


The Audacity of John Podesta by Ben Geman. He’s driving the White House’s go-it-alone climate strategy, but will any of it stick after the president is gone? More.


A City on the Brink by Matthew Hennessey. Anti-cop attitudes among the city’s progressive elites created the context for this weekend’s atrocity. More.


Google: Hollywood Is ‘Trying to Secretly Censor the Internet’ by Brendan Sasso. Leaked emails reveal movie studios have been encouraging state officials to go after Google as part of a fight against online piracy. More.


What Police Departments Can Learn about Race Relations from the LAPD by Andrew Romano. LA used to be a hotbed of racial profiling and unrest; now Chief Charlie Beck thinks his force could be a model for the rest of […]


God Isn’t Dead in Gotham by Kate Bachelder. Thousands pack the services of the evangelical Redeemer Presbyterian Church, most of them single and under 35. More.


Don’t Just Salvage Your Relationship—Recreate It! by Leon F. Seltzer. Consider that when a relationship is failing, it’s primarily because you’ve both become polarized in your thinking—which can best be characterized as self-righteous and critical. As a result, much of […]


Christianity and American Political Thought by S. Adam Seagrave. A new book examines the philosophical and religious roots of American government. Amid scholarly disagreement, one thing is clear: America is a nation founded upon the truth of human freedom and […]


Science 2.0: Today’s Global Warming Is Nothing Special The rate at which carbon emissions might be warm Earth’s climate today are a lot like the past. 56 million years in the past. The authors of a new paper believe the […]


The Supreme Court’s Faith in Belief by Sarah Imhoff. This summer, the Supreme Court was once again at the center of the American culture wars. The media and many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum saw the Burwell […]


Leo Strauss and American Conservatism by Carson Holloway. Contrary to popular belief, Leo Strauss was not a conservative, let alone a neoconservative. Yet Strauss and conservatism share an important aim: challenging the dogmatic dismissal of the past as irrelevant to […]