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The Pursuit of Beauty by Alec Wilkinson. Yitang Zhang solves a pure-math mystery. More at The New Yorker.


Ask Ethan #73: The Multiverse and You by Ethan Siegel. Is there another version of you somewhere out there in a parallel Universe? More.


Hipster Churches in Silicon Valley: Evangelicalism’s Unlikely New Home by Annie Gaus. Netflix fasts, coffee vouchers, plaid-wearing worshippers is what it takes for ‘church transplants’ to make their home in the affluent Bay Area. More.


A New Generation Reads Aquinas by Holly Taylor Coolman. Late have I loved him—or later, at least, than a lot of people. I was 27 years old when I first sat down to read the work of St. Thomas Aquinas […]


Of Public Sector Millionaires by Theodore Dalrymple. See here.


Rethinking One of Psychology’s Most Infamous Experiments by Cari Romm. In the 1960s, Stanley Milgram’s electric-shock studies showed that people will obey even the most abhorrent of orders. But recently, researchers have begin to question his conclusions—and offer some of […]


American Christianity Is Losing Its Grip on Political Power — and That’s Good News for Christians by Damon Linker. As secular and liberal America prepares to celebrate the probable triumph of same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court in June, let’s […]


Should We Blame Inerrancy for the Spiritual Troubles of Younger Evangelicals? by . The framers of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (CSBI) believed that inerrancy was a doctrine vital to the health of the Christian and therefore could not […]


Egypt’s War on Atheism by Mona Eltahawyjan. It took one session on Jan. 10 for a court in the Nile Delta province of Beheira to sentence Karim al-Banna, a 21-year-old student, to three years in prison for saying on Facebook […]


Evangelicalism’s Worldwide Explosion May Strengthen Progressivism by Peter Burfeind. As the West braces itself for the challenge of a muscular, jihadist Islamism woven into the fabric of our very culture and its treasured institutions, one of the hopes flitting about […]


Apocalypse Soonish Redux by Kevin D. Williamson. Last autumn, I argued in National Review (“Apocalypse Soonish”) that the real intellectual achievement of the climate-change alarmists has been to improve on the marketing model of the traditional fundamentalist-wacko/UFO-cult/Mayan-calendar-lunatic operation by eliminating […]


I Wish I’d Never Reported My Rape by Kendall Anderson. He pinned me down on the bed and pressed a pillow on my face. But when I went to the police, I was called a suspect. More.


Europe’s Austerity Moment Is Ending by Matt Schiavenza. Voting in Sunday’s much-watched Greek elections has ended, and exit polls suggest that the far-left Syriza party has captured nearly 40 percent of the vote. While this may not be enough to […]


Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity: An Atheist’s Guide by Robert Tracinski. As an atheist, I have no god in this fight, so to speak. I don’t think the differences between religions make one more valid than another. But […]


Resist or Accommodate Evil: There is No “Third Way” by Jeffery J. Ventrella. When conscience flirts with the idea of accommodating an unjust law, it must politely, yet firmly, reject the sirens of seduction. More.


No, Astrobiology Has Not Made the Case for God by Lawrence M. Krauss. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a piece with the surprising title “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” At least it was surprising to me, because […]


Francis & Political Illusion by Maureen Mullarkey. Francis serves an environmentalist mindset that, unlike the traditional ethos of conservation, views man as a parasite (Western man in Francis’ marxisant variant) and understands wealth in pre-modern terms as a zero-sum game. […]


The Death of Marcus Borg, Christian Panentheist by Mark Tooley. He specialized in deconstructing traditional Christian beliefs about God, Christ, and the Bible. More.

Gone Fishing

Leaving this morning for a wine tasting trip to Santa Ynez Valley. No new postings until Sunday.


American Exceptionalism and the Entitlement State by Nicholas Eberstadt. If social policy were medicine, and countries were the patients, the United States today would be a post-surgical charge under observation after an ambitious and previously untested transplant operation. Surgeons have […]