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Learning Styles

All You Need to Know About the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth, in Two Minutes by Christian Jarrett. On a sunny hike along a Madeiran levada a couple of years ago, I got chatting to a retired school teacher and I told […]


Sylvain Bourmeau interviews Michel Houellebecq about his sixth novel, Soumission (Submission). (Interesting interview.)


Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science by José L. Duarte, Jarret T. Crawford, Charlotta Stern, Jonathan Haidt, Lee Jussim, and Philip E. Tetlock. Psychologists have demonstrated the value of diversity—particularly diversity of viewpoints—for enhancing creativity, discovery, and problem solving. […]


The Eight Biggest Myths About The Bible by Georgi Boorman and Jeremy Swingle. Newsweek claims that virtually no one in America is biblically literate, citing a 2010 Pew poll reporting that those who self-identify as Christians rank only a little […]