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The Grapes of Wrath: France’s Great Wines Are Feeling the Heat by Ullrich Fichtner. In France, climate change is no longer just an abstract problem. The culinary country’s grand wine culture is threatened by rising global temperatures. Vintners are fighting […]


Salon provides an excerpt from Earth’s Deep History: How It Was Discovered and Why It Matters by Martin J. S. Rudwick.


Neural Correlates of Hate by Semir Zeki, and John Paul Romaya. In this work, we address an important but unexplored topic, namely the neural correlates of hate. In a block-design fMRI study, we scanned 17 normal human subjects while they […]

Real War

The Real War on Science by Edward R. Dougherty. A Google search returns about 350,000 hits for “war on science.” Glancing through the first hundred results reveals that this “war” consists mainly of political posturing. Little of it directly concerns […]