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Was a Highly Praised 2013 Book Built on Flawed Data? by Husna Haq. Economist and author Thomas Piketty been called 2014’s most influential thinker; was offered France’s highest honor, the Legion of Honor; and was invited to the White House […]


Freedom and Friendship by James Poulos. In Democracy in America, at the close of his comments on the American idea of rights, Alexis de Tocqueville makes an enduring and pregnant remark. “It cannot be repeated too often,” he cautions: “[N]othing […]


Sexual Assault and Justice by Nancy Gertner. Can we reconcile the belated attention to rape on campus with due process? More at TAP.


Religion’s Smart-People Problem: The Shaky Intellectual Foundations of Absolute Faith by John G. Messerly. Religious belief the world over has a strenuous relationship with intellectualism. But why? More at More.