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Apocalypse Soonish Redux by Kevin D. Williamson. Last autumn, I argued in National Review (“Apocalypse Soonish”) that the real intellectual achievement of the climate-change alarmists has been to improve on the marketing model of the traditional fundamentalist-wacko/UFO-cult/Mayan-calendar-lunatic operation by eliminating […]


I Wish I’d Never Reported My Rape by Kendall Anderson. He pinned me down on the bed and pressed a pillow on my face. But when I went to the police, I was called a suspect. More.


Europe’s Austerity Moment Is Ending by Matt Schiavenza. Voting in Sunday’s much-watched Greek elections has ended, and exit polls suggest that the far-left Syriza party has captured nearly 40 percent of the vote. While this may not be enough to […]