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Lure of the Caliphate by Malise Ruthven. It has now become clear that Barack Obama is under enormous pressure to intensify the campaign against ISIS. Last week, as the White House held a summit on countering extremist violence in which […]


The New York Times On Drugs – Wrong, Naive Or Misleading? I never know what I’m going to find on the editorial pages of the New York Times. Sometimes I agree with them, and sometimes I don’t. But, they usually, […]


Like Most People, President Obama Gets The Crusades Wrong by Greg Scandlen. President Obama, like many nowadays, think it’s fair to equate Islamist terrorism with the medieval Crusades. It’s not. More.


Lincoln’s Best Speech: A Sesquicentennial by Matthew S. Holland. Lincoln’s second inaugural address, 150 years old today, is as pertinent as ever. It reminds us that we must resist the poisonous temptation to see those with whom we disagree as […]