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Feminism Is Losing Its Cage Fight With Multiculturalism by M.G. Oprea. The Left refuses to criticize abominable treatment of women in Muslim societies because it places two leftist values in conflict: multiculturalism and feminism. More.


Urban Mobility System Upgrade: How Shared Self-Driving Cars Could Change City Traffic from the International Transport Forum. See here. (pdf)


What Does “Scientific Consensus” Mean? by Ethan Siegel. When it comes to our everyday lives, “consensus” is a loaded word, perhaps even one of the most dangerous ones out there. To an individual with a working mind, the fact that […]


Of Course Democrats Deserve The Blame For What’s Happening In Baltimore by David Harsanyi. If a person happens to point out that Baltimore’s criminally inept government has been run exclusively by Democrats since 1967 (with one Republican mayor since 1947), […]


David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television by Dave Itzkoff. With almost no blueprint to follow, Mr. Letterman showed that late-night TV could offer more than a what’s-in-the-news monologue and witty banter with celebrity guests (though he was […]


The Paradox of Dogma: How the Left Is Crippling Itself by Robert Tracinski. If you try to shut down public debate, is this a way of ensuring that you win—or an admission that you have already lost? The question seems […]


Turkey’s Supposed Nemesis: “The Mastermind” by Burak Bekdil. Turkey’s biggest enemy, according to its Islamist rulers, is not the fanatical jihadists who now neighbor their country in large swathes of land in Syria and Iraq; nor is it the thousands […]


About half-way down* this page is a series of sixteen posts by RJS** dealing with Iain Provan’s book, Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters. (*At the time of this post it’s the fourteenth […]


All Diversity, All the Time, Everybody, Right Now by Harry Painter. It often seems as though the central mission of higher education today is promoting diversity. Diversity—which usually means racial, religious, and sexual diversity—is commonly accepted by most administrators as […]

Slow Death

The Slow Death of Free Speech in Britain (America, You’re Next!) by Brendan O’Neill. From the Internet to the press to the public square, Brits’ speech is being policed and punished. More at Reason.


Why Is The CDC Lying About E-Cigarettes? by Jacob Sullum. For years anti-smoking activists and public health officials have tried to justify their irrational hatred of electronic cigarettes by arguing that vaping leads to smoking, especially among impressionable young people […]


We’re Addicted To Judgment Porn by by Hans Fiene. Social media networks have become the number-one distributors of judgment porn, where people get high on another person’s low. More.


“Sex Change” Surgery: What Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer, and You Should Know by Walt Heyer. The dark and troubling history of the contemporary transgender movement, with its enthusiastic approval of gender-reassignment surgery, has left a trail of misery in its […]


Depressed Journalists Are Depressing Nation by Scott Rasmussen. I am far more pessimistic about our political system than most Americans. At the same time, I am very optimistic about the future of our nation. That may seem like an odd […]


Why Physics Needs Philosophy by Tim Maudlin. Philosophers strive for conceptual clarity. Their training instills certain habits of thought—sensitivity to ambiguity, precision of expression, attention to theoretical detail—that are essential for understanding what a mathematical formalism might suggest about the […]


‘A Solution That Won’t Work to a Problem That Simply Doesn’t Exist’ by Nick Gillespie. Maverick FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on why net neutrality and government attempts to regulate the Internet are all wrong. More at Reason.

Failed Predictions

Seven Big Failed Environmentalist Predictions by Robert Tracinski. I recently discussed what it would take to prove that global warming is actually occurring, that it is caused by humans, and that it will be catastrophic. But that’s not the full […]

The Story

Around 15 years ago I was taking an English class at the local community college. The first night, right near the end of class, the Instructor read a story entitled “A Silent Prayer” by a young woman named Celia Beckett. […]


Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other by Emily Esfahani Smith. The psychological quirks that make it tricky to get an accurate read on someone’s emotions. More at Atlantic.


21 Essential Romantic Relationship Skills: Self Test by Alice Boyes. Try this quiz about your relationship skills. More at PT.