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Feminism Is Losing Its Cage Fight With Multiculturalism by M.G. Oprea. The Left refuses to criticize abominable treatment of women in Muslim societies because it places two leftist values in conflict: multiculturalism and feminism. More.


Urban Mobility System Upgrade: How Shared Self-Driving Cars Could Change City Traffic from the International Transport Forum. See here. (pdf)


What Does “Scientific Consensus” Mean? by Ethan Siegel. When it comes to our everyday lives, “consensus” is a loaded word, perhaps even one of the most dangerous ones out there. To an individual with a working mind, the fact that […]


Of Course Democrats Deserve The Blame For What’s Happening In Baltimore by David Harsanyi. If a person happens to point out that Baltimore’s criminally inept government has been run exclusively by Democrats since 1967 (with one Republican mayor since 1947), […]