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Regulating Sex by Judith Shulevitz. This is a strange moment for sex in America. We’ve detached it from pregnancy, matrimony and, in some circles, romance. At least, we no longer assume that intercourse signals the start of a relationship. But […]


5 “Flaws” That Make You More Lovable by Juliana Breines. You may think that people love you despite your flaws, not because of them. But some of the traits that you see as flaws may be more attractive than you […]


Sentimental Nihilism And Popular Culture by Kit Wilson. If last year’s debates about Britishness demonstrated anything, it’s that a culture cannot be reduced to a checklist of its most popular dishes and landmarks. Society is built, instead, upon the countless […]


The Atlantic reviews The Marriage Book: Centuries of Advice, Inspiration, and Cautionary Tales From Adam and Eve to Zoloft by Lisa Grunwald and Stephen Adler.


The Crisis in Non-Fiction Publishing by Sam Leith. When it comes to high-calibre non-fiction, risk-averse trade publishing houses are producing too many copycat ‘smart thinking’ books that promise more than they deliver. But praise should be given to the university […]


Why Twitter is Terrible by James Poulos. “There’s no way around it,” I tweeted in September. “Twitter is getting markedly worse. I’m nervous.” Since then, the world has caught up. Celebrities have gone dark. Kids have moved to Snapchat. The […]


Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country by Rod Dreher. No, the sky is not falling — not yet, anyway — but with the Supreme Court ruling constitutionalizing same-sex marriage, the ground under our […]


Gnostic Mysticism Grounds Modern Progressive Ideology by Peter Burfeind. We cannot understand what’s going on with gay marriage without understanding the spiritual pathology of our Gnostic cultural revolution. More.

Gone Fishing

Time for the annual 3-day wine trip to the Healdsburg area. No new posts until Sunday or Monday.


King v. Burwell versus Marbury v. Madison by Robert Tracinski. It’s time to add another item to the list of discarded liberal pieties: judicial review. The Supreme Court is no longer here to hold the executive branch accountable to the […]


The Practical Wisdom of Chief Justice Ellsworth: Reconsidering the Separation of Church and State by Anthony Esolen. If good morals are essential for a free republic to endure, and if a certain group of institutions successfully promote those morals, then […]


Darren E. Sherkat reviews The Apostates: When Muslims Leave Islam by Simon Cottee.


Pornucopia by Maria Konnikova. Critics say that porn degrades women, dulls sexual pleasure, and ruins authentic relationships – are they right? More.

Come Back?

Can Islam Come Back to the Light of Science? by Ross Pomeroy. Sunday was the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. As Earth’s axis tilted, the sun reached its highest position in the sky, bathing the upper latitudes in enduring […]


Public Debt, Political Paralysis, and the West by Samuel Gregg. “There is not a more important and fundamental principle in legislation than that the ways and means ought always to face the public engagements; that our appropriations should ever go […]


Seven Liberal Pieties That Only the Right Still Believes by Robert Tracinski. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve increasingly had the experience of saying things that would have been considered pieties in the liberal catechism when I was young—and which now […]

Benedict Option

Democracy Isn’t the Problem: The Benedict Option Meets the Buckley Option by Andrew T. Walker. The “Benedict Option” isn’t the only way for Christians to confront the reality of an increasingly hostile and secular culture. More.


Why Libertarianism Is Closer to Stalinism than You Think by Alan Wolfe. Whatever else happens, 2016 offers one of the most interesting presidential elections in decades. It already includes a libertarian from Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul, and a socialist from […]

Comedy Central

Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era by Jonah Weiner. The network is in the middle of a creative renaissance — and a business-model crisis. More.


Where Christianity Ends by Ross Douthat. Last week I wrote a post on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and American religion in which I channeled Harold Bloom (via Will Wilkinson) and talked a bit about the Americanization of Christianity: What it means, whether […]