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The WSJ reviews The Grind by Barry Svrluga. The life of a baseball professional—a player, a manager, a scout, anyone paid to work in the world of baseball—is the envy of just about anyone who isn’t paid to work in […]


Forward with Fukuyama by Daniel Luban. Francis Fukuyama was 36 years old in 1989 when “The End of History?” made him a star. At the time, there was little in his biography to mark him as anything more than another […]


Why Liberal Religion Fails by Mark Tooley. Liberal religion will never command a majority nor will it ever be the wave of the future, although liberal religionists will never understand why. After all, everybody who counts agrees with them! More.


Elites And Courts Push America Into A Post-Christian Era by David Davenport. How can a nation be Christian (or post-Christian) in the first place? America has never been a theocracy, following the direct rule of God in the manner of […]


7 Ways Your Childhood Affects How You Parent by Lisa Firestone. Attachment research tells us that the biggest predictor of how we will be as parents is how much we’ve been able to make sense out of our own past. […]


10 Quick, Important Developments On The Planned Parenthood Scandal by Mollie Hemingway. The abortion provider says its web site was attacked. But was it really? More.


How an Influential Campus Rape Study Skewed the Debate by Robby Soave. Widely cited study relies on surveys that don’t actually have anything to do with on-campus sexual assaults. More.


Dying for Christianity: Millions at Risk amid Rise in Persecution Across the Globe by Harriet Sherwood. Christians are facing growing persecution around the world, fuelled mainly by Islamic extremism and repressive governments, leading the pope to warn of “a form […]


10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Adam and Eve by Karl Giberson. Where did this creation story originate? Who takes it seriously? And more. More.


4 Keys to Happiness by Suzanne Degges-White. Happiness is a state of being, not a stack of stuff. More.


Why Does The Republican Party Exist? by Ben Domenech. Why does the Republican Party exist? What is its purpose as a political entity – to what end do its members work to elect their fellow Republicans? What are its priorities? […]


What Dante, Tolkien, and Harry Potter Fan Fiction Can Teach Us about the Contemporary Quest for Immortality by Joseph Simmons. From Dante to Tolkien to Harry Potter fan fiction, mankind has been tempted by the desire to transcend human limitations. […]


Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice by Aristotelis Orginos. Social justice, as a concept, has existed for millennia—at least as long as society has had inequity and inequality and there were individuals enlightened enough to question this. […]


In Marriage, It’s Compassion or Resentment by Steven Stosny. The only middle ground is numbness. More at PT.


Is There Such Thing as the Beginning and End of Time? by Tosin Thompson. In homage to the 60th anniversary of the world’s first atomic clock, it’s time to ask what time actually is and whether it even exists. More.


CT interviews Os Guinness, author of the new book, Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion.


Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad by James Kitfield. Tennessee seems an unlikely birthplace for American jihad. Yet long before the five U.S. service members were murdered this past week in Chattanooga, before the Boston Marathon bombers, the Fort […]


The Empty Bromide of Religious Neutrality by Marc DeGirolami. The history of American public education may be told as a history of gradual secularization driven not by religious neutrality but religious enthusiasm. In the American colonies and well into the […]


The Dysfunctional Federal Workforce by Chloe Booth & Kevin R. Kosar. The Survey on the Future of Government Service, released last week by Vanderbilt University’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, reveals significant problems with the federal workforce. According […]


How The ‘Nones’ Can Find A Sense Of Community Outside Of Religion by Antonia Blumberg. The “nones,” or the religiously unaffiliated, are a rapidly growing “faith” group in the United States. They make up roughly 23 percent of the U.S. […]