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Fake Cherokee? by Scott Jaschik. When the scandal broke last month over Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane, Wash., NAACP leader and adjunct instructor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University who apparently faked being African-American, there was widespread discussion in academe. […]


The ‘Great and Cursed Work’ That Was the Encyclopédie by Robert Zaretsky. Two hundred and fifty years ago this month, a Parisian penned a letter to his lover. He filled it with sighs — although not over the depth of […]


Why Doesn’t Everyone Believe in God?: The Skeptical Brain May Hold the Answer by Lala Stone. Most Americans who grew up in religious households are still religious. But what about the ones who aren’t? More.


How Islamist Extremists Warp the Fatwa by Shawki Allam. Half-educated pseudo scholars have perverted this useful tool for interpreting Islamic law. More.