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Dying for Christianity: Millions at Risk amid Rise in Persecution Across the Globe by Harriet Sherwood. Christians are facing growing persecution around the world, fuelled mainly by Islamic extremism and repressive governments, leading the pope to warn of “a form […]


10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Adam and Eve by Karl Giberson. Where did this creation story originate? Who takes it seriously? And more. More.


4 Keys to Happiness by Suzanne Degges-White. Happiness is a state of being, not a stack of stuff. More.


Why Does The Republican Party Exist? by Ben Domenech. Why does the Republican Party exist? What is its purpose as a political entity – to what end do its members work to elect their fellow Republicans? What are its priorities? […]


What Dante, Tolkien, and Harry Potter Fan Fiction Can Teach Us about the Contemporary Quest for Immortality by Joseph Simmons. From Dante to Tolkien to Harry Potter fan fiction, mankind has been tempted by the desire to transcend human limitations. […]