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What The Left And Right Don’t Get About Campus Rape by Mona Charen. College campuses, like the rest of American society, are struggling to contain the wreckage of the sexual revolution. That’s what both the Left and Right don’t get […]


What’s Driving the Marriage Divide? by Rachel Sheffield. Although economic factors certainly play a role in the growing gap in marriage rates between higher income, college-educated Americans and those with lower levels of education and income, the impact of changing […]


When Did Parents Get so Scared? by Melissa Schorr. When you were a kid, you probably spent hours outside and unsupervised. It’s not that way anymore. More.


Blame Liberals for the Rise of Trump by S.E. Cupp. I have a different explanation for ascendant Trumpism. It isn’t the result of conservatism but of liberalism. Thanks to unrelenting demands by the left for increasingly preposterous levels of political […]


The Lessons of Anwar al-Awlaki by Scott Shane. Four years after the United States assassinated the radical cleric in a drone strike, his influence on jihadists is greater than ever. Was there a better way to stop him? More.


ISIS and the Curse of the Iraq War by John Cassidy. I’ve been reading up recently on the ancient history of Iraq and Syria, a region that is often referred to, not for nothing, as the cradle of civilization. Here […]


The Science of Forgiveness: “When You Don’t Forgive You Release All the Chemicals of the Stress Response” by Megan Feldman Bettencourt. Researchers are studying how we can let go of our grievances and live a healthier life. Here’s how it […]


Why We Can’t Get Over Ourselves by Nicholas Epley. Exposing the reasons we fail to understand the minds of others. More.


10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Arminianism by Joseph Dongell. Do Arminians and Calvinists actually disagree as much as we think? More.


Did Religion Make the American Civil War Worse? by Allen Guelzo. Faith may have inflamed the conflict, but one lasting legacy of the war may be the toll it took upon American faith. More.


Slaying the Hydra: Can Virtue Heal the American Right? by Rachel Lu. We’ve come to that agonizing point in our political process when each political party must choose its champion. Republicans are trying to decide in whose hands to place […]


John Stossel ranks the presidential candidates. (I voted for Gary Johnson in the last presidential election.)


Elizabeth Warren Is Totally Wrong About Planned Parenthood by Josiah Peterson. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s speech is rhetorically powerful and warrants a thoughtful response. More.


In the Cave: How Automation Changes the Way We Interact with Our World by Christopher O. Tollefsen. Good work connects us more deeply to the world around us. By contrast, automation can often alienate us from the physical world, changing […]


Was Einstein the First to Invent E = mc2? by Tony Rothman. The great physicist was not the first to equate forms of mass to energy, nor did he definitively prove the relationship. More at SA.


The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t by Steven Johnsonaug. In the digital economy, it was supposed to be impossible to make money by making art. Instead, creative careers are thriving — but in complicated and unexpected ways. More.


What’s Conservative about Radical Traditionalism? by Nathan Gill. For many years now, the litmus test of an American conservative has been whether he or she is committed to limited, constitutional government and to the proposition of the Declaration of Independence […]

Gone Fishing

Headed down to Paso Robles for a three-day wine trip. No new posts until Saturday.


The Age of the Universe by Amelia Williamson Smith. Looking out from our planet at the vast array of stars, humans have always asked questions central to our origin: How did all of this come to be? Has it always […]


20 Crucial Pieces Of Life Advice, As Told By People Over 60. See here.