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The New York Review of Books reviews four books about Saint Paul.


Lincoln, Religion, & the American Founding by Richard Brookhiser, Allen C. Guelzo, and Lucas E. Morel. The Spring 2015 issue of the Claremont Review of Books featured a review by Lucas E. Morel of Richard Brookhiser’s latest book, Founders’ Son: […]


The Political Legacy of Progressive Evangelicals by Eric C. Miller. For all the media attention paid to the Religious Right, much less energy has been spent looking into its counterpart, the Religious Left. And yet, when Barack Obama first ran […]


Diversity in the Christian University by Elizabeth Corey. Within a Christian university, the legitimate goods of diversity must be balanced against a notion of unity, an idea of the particular “constitution” of a place—its heritage, its tradition, and the constituency […]


One Tip C.S. Lewis Suggests for Understanding Our Times by Joel J. Miller. Our ideas are never solely our own. We all live in specific contexts (temporal, geographical, cultural) and react accordingly. What’s more, we usually have very little awareness […]


Could Paganism Make a Comeback? It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. We live in a post-Christian era, we’re told. But being defined by what you’re after doesn’t tell us what you’re about. Spiritual longings go deep […]


Williams College’s ‘Uncomfortable Learning’ Speaker Series Dropped Me. Why? by Suzanne Venker. See here. Related: What I Wanted to Tell Students at Williams College by Suzanne Venker. The following is the text of a speech the author had planned to […]


The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think by Craig Havighurst. Starving artists have been affected by more than just piracy and streaming royalties. More.


Could Depression Be Caused By An Infection? by Bret Stetka. Late last year, Turhan Canli, an associate professor of psychology and radiology at Stony Brook University, published a paper in the journal Biology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders asserting that […]


Here’s Why Most Neuroscientists Are Wrong About the Brain by C.R. Gallistel. Most neuroscientists believe that the brain learns by rewiring itself—by changing the strength of connections between brain cells, or neurons. But experimental results published last year, from a […]


The Myth of Basic Science by Matt Ridley. Innovation is a mysteriously difficult thing to dictate. Technology seems to change by a sort of inexorable, evolutionary progress, which we probably cannot stop—or speed up much either. And it’s not much […]

World Series

The wild card in any (MLB) baseball game is the quality of the pitching…good pitching stops good hitting every time! In this series, the Mets have the stronger starting pitching, and the Royals have the better bullpen. If the Mets […]


The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy by Gonzalo Lira. True story: A retired couple I know, Brian and Ilsa, own a home in the Southwest. It’s a pretty house, right on the manicured golf course of their gated community (they’re crazy about […]


The Year We Obsessed Over Identity by Wesley Morrisoct. 2015’s headlines and cultural events have confronted us with the malleability of racial, gender, sexual and reputational lines. Who do we think we are? More.


The Alternative to Drugs by Robert Berezin. My opposition to psychiatric drugs is not just that they are harmful, dangerous, and destructive. That would be plenty motivation enough. And it is. But in addition, my profession, which I love and […]


Can Atheists Learn Anything from the Religious? by Neil Carter. Fellow atheists give me a hard time because I talk a lot about fostering constructive dialogue between ourselves and people on the other side of the aisle, so to speak. […]


Robert D. Kaplan reviews My Century: The Odyssey of a Polish Intellectual by Aleksander Wat. Aleksander Wat’s life and work stand as warning that the totalitarian temptations of the 20th century have yet to run their course.


The Rational Unconscious by Richard E. Nisbett. It’s beginning to be clear that unconscious operations underlie our many of our inferences and judgments as well as a great deal of decision-making and problem-solving. What’s more, the unconscious mind can often […]


Rebranding Socialism by Matthew Hennessey. Democrats increasingly suggest that the failed ideology is just another word for benevolent government. More.


In Defense of Christendom by Bret Stephens. What Europeans no longer believe in are the things from which their beliefs spring: Judaism and Christianity; liberalism and the Enlightenment; martial pride and capability; capitalism and wealth. Still less do they believe […]