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4 Reasons Christianity Isn’t Actually Dying by Haydn Shaw. Reports of churches declining and Nones growing are actually a case of mistaken identity. More.


The Wrath of Cons by Richard Samuelson. David Brooks is in an angry and spiteful mood. Perhaps he’s even getting to be a bit unhinged, as history is putting his vision of American conservatism onto its rubbish heap. As Ben […]


Lying About Our Religion, And Other Problems With Polling by Michael Schulson. Robert Wuthnow isn’t going to say it, so I will: a lot of religion polling is bullshit. This isn’t just an academic squabble. Polling firms like Pew and […]


Fruit of Good Labours by Jeffrey Alan Miller. Discovering the earliest known draft of the King James Bible. More.


Introducing The ‘Democratic Socialist’ Party by David Harsanyi. Bernie Sanders is an extremist. So why do so many people in the Democratic Party sound just like him? More.