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Richard Wolin reviews Why the World Does Not Exist by Markus Gabriel.


How Pandering To Iowa’s Ethanol Lobby Hurts America by Erik Telford. While a small group of corn farmers may benefit from the Renewable Fuel Standard, higher gas prices and less fuel-efficient gasoline hurt everyone. More.


Why Are Placebos Getting More Effective? by William Kremer. When new drugs are put on the market, clinical trials determine whether they perform better than inactive pills known as “placebos”. Research shows that over the last 25 years the difference […]


Here’s an excerpt from The Origins of American Religious Nationalism by Sam Haselby.


Fresh Theological Arguments for Zionism by Gerald R. McDermott. Two new proposals, one by a leading Jewish theologian and the other by a group of Christian thinkers, provide fresh arguments for theological understandings of Israel. More.