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Charles Aaron profiles Phil Collins.


What’s Wrong with the Humanities? by Bruce Cole. The humanities are declining because too many humanities scholars are alienating students and the public with their opacity, triviality, and irrelevance. More.


Searching for the Algorithms Underlying Life by John Pavlus. The biological world is computational at its core, argues computer scientist Leslie Valiant. His “ecorithm” approach uses computational concepts to explore fundamental mysteries of evolution and the mind. More.

Uff Da!

After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why. by Ann Jones. Some years ago, I faced up to the futility of reporting truths about America’s disastrous wars, and so I left Afghanistan for another mountainous country far away. […]


Political Action and the Primacy of the Good by Daniel J. Mahoney. Contemporary Europe is wracked by a crisis of self-understanding. For a generation or more, the European political class has placed its hopes in the “construction” of a Europe […]


William Carroll reviews No God, No Science? Theology, Cosmology, and Biology by Michael Hanby. You can read an excerpt here. (pdf)


CJ reviews Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town by Jon Krakauer.


Hillary’s “Blame-Men-First” Feminism May Prove Costly in 2016 by Camille Paglia. Hillary lags among men, again. Is it misogyny, or her brand of feminism? The story too hot for the New York Times. More.


Scientists Open the ‘Black Box’ of Schizophrenia with Dramatic Genetic Discovery by Amy Ellis Nutt. For the first time, scientists have pinned down a molecular process in the brain that helps to trigger schizophrenia. The researchers involved in the landmark […]


How to Resist the End of Europe by Daniel Johnson. Are we Europeans doomed to suffer the loss of our inexhaustible cultural creativity, along with its source in Judeo-Christian tradition? The prospect must not be accepted. More.


Justice Brandeis and the Birth of Liberal Judicial Activism by Paul Moreno. The roots of today’s judicial activism stretch back one hundred years to the appointment of controversial Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, a champion of “sociological jurisprudence.” More.


Does Mike Bloomberg Know Something We Don’t About the Clinton FBI Probe? by Liz Peek. The probe is not, as some Hillary backers have claimed, scandal-mongering by right-wing zealots. It is a serious investigation, reportedly employing more than 100 FBI […]


A Clash of Secularisms? The German Historical Experience by Todd Weir. Claims made in the name of secularism vary greatly. At one extreme, self-described secularists in the United States portray their cause as the beleaguered defense of the separation of […]


Christopher Caldwell reviews Russell Kirk: American Conservative by Bradley J. Birzer.


The Economist: All at Sea Dismal may not be the most desirable of modifiers, but economists love it when people call their discipline a science. They consider themselves the most rigorous of social scientists. Yet whereas their peers in the […]


The League of Extraordinary Assholes by Mark Kingwell. Who among us has not felt the affront? Macadamia nuts arrive in a bag, not on a dish, and something shrivels in the soul. Are we animals? Did we execute the challenging […]


The Epic Fail of Hollywood’s Hottest Algorithm by Benjamin Wallace. In an industry where no one knows anything, here, finally, was someone who seemed to know something: Ryan Kavanaugh, a spikily red-haired man-child with an impish grin and a uniform […]


This Is Why Understanding Space Is So Hard by Dan Falk. If all the matter in the universe suddenly disappeared, would space still exist? Isaac Newton thought so. Space, he imagined, was something like Star Trek’s holodeck, a 3-dimensional virtual-reality […]


When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense by Frederica Mathewes-Green. I changed my opinion on abortion after I read an article in Esquire magazine, way back in 1976. I was home from grad school, flipping through my dad’s copy, and came […]


Why Were Euroskeptics Ignored? by Walter Laqueur. For the sake of Europe’s future, it would pay to revisit the many warning signs that, though pointed out at the time, were mocked, dismissed, or denied. More.