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The Troubling Stakes of the Originalism-Living Constitutionalism Debate by S. Adam Seagrave. Any defense of constitutional originalism depends on accepting the principles of natural law and natural rights on which the Constitution was founded. Unfortunately, these principles no longer have […]


Baseball Will Save Us by Matthew Hennessey. We need the national game—and it still is that—more than ever. More.


How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America by W. Bradford Wilcox and Nicholas H. Wolfinger. The structure it provides, along with the values it instills, strengthens employment prospects, family life, and more. More.


Can Politically Correct Puppetry Win the War on Islamic Extremism? by Johanna Markind. The FBI’s “Don’t Be a Puppet” website has been largely scrubbed of references to Islam. On February 8, 2016, the FBI launched its “Don’t Be a Puppet” […]


How Umberto Eco Helped Redeem Postmodernism by Rich Cromwell and David Marcus. Postmodernism has taken a bit of a beating in these and other conservative pages of late. And, frankly (specifically Frankly), there is good reason for this. The French […]


What Can We Learn from the Mediaeval Attitude to Pagans? by John Marenbon. In a world like that of mediaeval Christian Europe, where everyone was a religious believer, how was the moral standing of non-Christians to be approached? Could people […]


Three Views of Marriage by David Brooks. Two years ago the Northwestern University psychologist Eli Finkel had an article in The Times describing how marriage is polarizing: The best marriages today are better than the best marriages of generations ago; […]


The Politics of Passion: A Lesson from The Federalist Papers by Nathan Schlueter. In an era when Americans seek political leaders who display “authenticity” rather than prudence, a look back to the Federalist Papers makes clear the importance of a […]


Academic Drivel Report by Peter Dreier. I don’t know if there is a statute of limitations on confessing one’s sins, but it has been six years since I did the deed and I’m now coming clean. Six years ago I […]


The European Dream: A Requiem by Olivier Guez. Jihadist attacks, a migrant flood, Greek debt, surging nationalism: Across the European Union, anxiety and division are brewing in a way not seen since the 1940s. Confronted with this, Europe is paralyzed. […]


Why It’s So Hard to Disrupt the Textbook Industry by Robert Montenegro. You’d think in the age of Uber and Airbnb someone would have figured out how to put Big Textbook in its place. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated […]


Coincidences and the Meaning of Life by Julie Beck. The surprising chances of our lives can seem like they’re hinting at hidden truths, but they’re really revealing the human mind at work. More.


The Lost Hope of Self-Help by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen. Habits – good or bad – were once a matter of ethical seriousness. Are they now just another technology of self-absorption? More.


Leah Barber interviews Aviya Kushner about her new book, The Grammar of God: A Journey Into the Words and Worlds of the Bible. You can read an excerpt here.


Is There a Future for Libertarianism? by Jerry Taylor. The Rand Paul campaign and its (admittedly uneven) agenda of social tolerance, military restraint, and fiscal conservatism is little more than a very small pile of smoking embers. Paul was crushed […]

Silver Lining

Psychology’s Replication Crisis Has a Silver Lining by Paul Bloom. There is a crisis in psychology. It’s not those rare cases of outright fraud, as when the social psychologist Diedrik Stapel simply made up the results of dozens of experiments […]


Fight or Flight: America’s Choice in the Middle East by Kenneth M. Pollack. The modern Middle East has rarely been tranquil, but it has never been this bad. Full-blown civil wars rage in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Nascent conflicts […]

Monty Williams

Monty Williams, assistant Thunder coach, spoke at the memorial service held for his wife Ingrid on Thursday.


How People Learn to Become Resilient by Maria Konnikova. Norman Garmezy, a developmental psychologist and clinician at the University of Minnesota, met thousands of children in his four decades of research. But one boy in particular stuck with him. He […]


The Fight Over Scalia’s Replacement Shows Why Most People Hate Dems & Reps by Nick Gillespie. Dems & Reps both have a good argument in the fight over who should pick the next Supreme Court member. Sadly, the argument is […]