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Does the D in Divorce stand for Disillusionment? by Amie M. Gordon. How expectations and disillusion shape marriage and divorce. More.


Hillary & Bernie, Tax Fantasists by Scott Winship. Soak-the-rich proposals ignore history and wouldn’t raise nearly enough money to fund big spending plans. More.


Europe’s Muslims hate the West by Leon de Winter. The first reaction to the Brussels massacres among postmodern European intellectuals was predictable: What did we, Europeans, do to them, our Muslims? How could followers of a religion that is proudly […]


An Originalist Critique of the Court’s Free Speech Tradition by William Haun. Free-speech jurisprudence has reached a state where it is acceptable to abridge speech on matters of public concern, but not on vile or private speech. And the Supreme […]


Is Islam a Religion of Peace? by Dargan Thompson. A former Muslim weighs in. More.


Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists? by Dan Berrett. In May 2010, Faisal Shahzad hoped to kill dozens of pedestrians when he parked his Nissan Pathfinder near Times Square, loaded with improvised bombs. Four months earlier, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to […]


9 Mental Habits That Will Turn You Bitter Over Time by Andrea Bonior. The way we talk to ourselves day-to-day greatly affects our emotional outlook. More.


This Theory Explains Why the U.S. Economy Might Never Get Better by Jacob Davidson. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, conventional wisdom among economists, business leaders, and policy makers was fairly straightforward: Once the banks were bailed out, […]


Science Is a Good Substitute for God by Ronald Bailey. Religious believers tend to be happier than non-religious folk, according to a long line of psychological research. Scientists have suggested several possible explanations for this phenomenon, including the ideas that […]


Belgium, My Country, Is in Denial by Jean-Michel Paul. There was a time when Belgium was at Europe’s vanguard. It was the second country in the world to industrialize, the founder of art deco and surrealism, and a producer of […]


Jihad in Brussels by Judith Bergman. Federica Mogherini, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said on June 24, 2015, at a conference aptly named “Call to Europe V: Islam in Europe”: “The idea of a clash […]


Democracy and the Secular Predicament by Karuna Mantena and Aziz Rana. In the United States, the Middle East is almost always presented as a problem to be solved—most significantly, the problem of religious extremism and conflict. Popular explanations of such […]


Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away by Nathaniel Scharping. Nuclear fusion has long been considered the “holy grail” of energy research. It represents a nearly limitless source of energy that is clean, safe and self-sustaining. Ever since its […]


In Love and Marriage, Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect by Scott M. Stanley. Why having more partners before marriage doesn’t lead to better marriages. More at PT. Related: Personal Love and the Call to Chastity by Samantha Schroeder. Millennials are bombarded […]

Guerrilla War

Europe Is Again at War by John R. Schindler. It’s time to admit the extent of Europe’s problem with Islamic radicalism. This isn’t mere terrorism any longer, this is guerrilla war. More.

Political Philosophy


Intel’s Andy Grove Was Brilliant, Paranoid, and Prophetic. No Wonder Silicon Valley Reveres Him by Dan Gillmor. When historians with more evidence, context, and distance from this era weigh the life and achievements of Andrew S. Grove, who died Monday […]


Europe’s Fear Of ‘Islamophobia’ Led Directly To The Belgium Attacks by M.G. Oprea. This latest attack in Brussels would not have been possible without this network of native-born, disaffected Muslims. And for that, Europe has no one to blame but […]


Where Do Minds Belong? by Caleb Scharf. As a species, we humans are awfully obsessed with the future. We love to speculate about where our evolution is taking us. We try to imagine what our technology will be like decades […]

No Suprise

Actress Lena Dunham Can’t Believe How ‘Hostile’ Fellow Liberals Became When She Didn’t Support Sanders by Chris Enloe. Liberal actress Lena Dunham says she receives “more hostility” from fellow Democrats over her support of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton […]