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Modern Progressives as the New Iconoclasts by John O. McGinnis. Progressivism was born in no small measure from opposition to the rule of law, because it wanted to overthrow the Constitution by means other than the amendment process, if necessary. […]


PD reviews Hamilton versus Jefferson in the Washington Administration: Completing the Founding or Betraying the Founding? by Carson Holloway.


The Wildness of Things by Paul Gleason. Marilynne Robinson is a Christian in a country that increasingly isn’t. She belongs to the American “mainline,” a collection of Protestant denominations with deep roots in European history, reliably liberal politics and, if […]


Who Knows What by Massimo Pigliucci. For decades the sciences and the humanities have fought for knowledge supremacy. Both sides are wrong-headed. More.


Life in the Dark by Sean Raymond. In the dark corners of our galaxy, there are billions of rogue planets roaming around, starless – can they support life? More.


Crushing Dissent in Turkey by Burak Bekdil. In 1853, John Russell quoted Tsar Nicholas I of Russia as saying that the Ottoman Empire was “a sick man — a very sick man,” in reference to the ailing empire’s fall into […]


Can Social Science Matter? by Kenneth Prewitt. To the practicing academic social scientist the question, “Can social science matter?” is so lacking in nuance that it is best ignored; or, if responded to, answered by supplying nuance: “Matter to whom?” […]


A Call for Partisan Consistency by Andrew Bramsen. Only when we are willing to hold our own party to the same standards to which we hold the other party will we be able to improve our national politics. More.


Bill Comes Due by James Taranto. Did Bill Clinton give an effective speech on behalf of his wife last night? We have no idea. We know too much. That is, we were working in political journalism during Mr. Clinton’s time […]

Left Turn

The Palestinian Flag Flies at the DNC by Raheem Kassam. The flag of pan-Arab nationalism, born out of violent rebellion and struggle (or jihad), was flown today on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. What it means that the […]


Republicans Have Become the Party of No Ideas—and Democrats Have Become the Party of Bad Ideas by Peter Suderman. Elizabeth Warren’s DNC speech was a vision of government unbounded by cost or consequences. More.


Are Voter ID Laws Racist? by Richard A. Epstein. There are few things as controversial in American political life as voting rights. The issue surged to the fore this past week in Veasey v. Abbott when the Fifth Circuit, by […]


The Problem with Fighting Islamist Terrorism by George Friedman. The United States has been at war for nearly 15 years. The primary purpose of the war was to end the threat of terrorism posed by jihadists. The war has taken […]


The Value of a Flawed Memory by Sue Shellenbarger. The next time you fumble the facts when you’re reminiscing, psychologists have some comforting words: It doesn’t matter. Inaccurate memories can even be good for you, according to several studies in […]


When Does Intelligence Become a Curse? by Marcus Geduld. For me, the biggest curse is when knowing blocks feeling. I have high social intelligence coupled with a strong ability to introspect. This means that I can often explain my fears, […]


Europe Risks Repeating past Mistakes on Islam by Jonathan Laurence. Many have recently sought to understand and explain today’s crisis of legitimacy within Islam, with some analysts placing the blame for that crisis squarely on Islam itself. In my view, […]

Cognitive Dissonance

The DNC Is A Chaotic Exercise In Cognitive Dissonance by John Daniel Davidson. Not even Bill Clinton could hide the cognitive dissonance at the DNC Tuesday night. Either America is great, or we need a revolution. Both can’t be true. […]


Germany: The Terrifying Power of Muslim Interpreters by Stefan Frank. Alexander Stevens is a lawyer at a Munich law firm specializing in sexual offenses. In his recent book, Sex in Court, he describes some of his strangest and most shocking […]


Bogus ‘Sex Offender’ Labels Are Ruining Lives by Lenore Skenazy. What’s the most common age of sex-offenders? It’s not a trick question, but unless you follow this stuff closely you’ll almost certainly answer wrong. In fact, most people are shocked […]


Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say by Beverly D. Flaxington. 7 steps to being a more authentic communicator. More.