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Nobody is Home by Charles Leadbeater. From the footloose networker to the exiled migrant, home has been displaced by an idea that’s both elusive and contested. More.


Recalibrating the Culture War in 2016 by Darrell Bock. We thought that the culture war was behind us and that we were entering a Brave New World in which Christians would be a harassed minority in a society captive to […]


Don’t Let Chip And Joanna Gaines Destroy Your Marriage by David Harsanyi. The number of couples they’ve broken up with their happiness and success is probably incalculable. More.


Checking the Court: What Can Be Done to Rein in the Supreme Court? by Tim Bradley. Michael Stokes Paulsen has identified six courses of action that might effectively curb the Supreme Court’s abuse of judicial authority. More.


How to Fake It So No One Notices by David Steinsaltz. Seek balance in all things—including subterfuge. More.


How About a New Theory of Evolution with Less Natural Selection? by Robby Berman. In early November, a group of preeminent biologists, doctors, anthropologists, and computer scientists met in London to consider making a major change to the concept of […]


The Liberalism of the Founding Fathers Is Not to Blame for Our Current Problems by Nathan J. Beacom. If today we see ill effects of individualism, it does not mean that we should blame them on the founders. Our problem […]


Against Generations by Rebecca Onion. Generational thinking is seductive and confirms preconceived prejudices, but it’s a bogus way to understand the world. More.


Death of Cancer BY Vincent DeVita. A critical mass of medical knowledge could soon end the death threat of cancer, but politics stands in the way. More.


The Quest for Confident Pluralism: An Interview with John Inazu by Gordon Haber. This election exposed America’s fissures. It feels as if we are in the midst of a political and cultural civil war. We are still grappling with the […]


Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his Trial Mr. President, Members of the Court, When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me […]


The Man Who Could Have Stopped the Islamic State by Brian Fishman. Almost 10 years ago, an al Qaeda emissary was sent to tell Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to tone down his terrorism. The journey, and its failure, gave birth to […]


The Challenge of Consciousness by Riccardo Manzotti and Tim Parks. Is it possible to put some order into our thoughts about consciousness, memory, perception, and the like? Hardly a day goes by without some in-depth article wondering whether computers can […]


Catch Us If You Can by Bruce Watson. We like impostor stories because we’re afraid we’re impostors ourselves. More.


California’s Needless Housing Crisis by Richard A. Epstein. Everyone agrees the most attractive areas in California suffer from a housing crisis that calls for drastic action. The difficult question is deciding what should be done. Many of the challenges are […]


Scientists Seek to Update Evolution by Carl Zimmer. Recent discoveries have led some researchers to argue that the modern evolutionary synthesis needs to be amended. More.


What Hath Obama Wrought by Herman Belz. The defeat of the Democratic party in the 2016 election is an astonishing and unmistakable repudiation of the “transformation of America” to which Barack Obama dedicated himself as constitutional chief executive. Obama’s transformation […]

Crisis Redux

The Crisis for Liberalism by Ross Douthat. The 2016 campaign was a crisis for conservatism; its aftermath is a crisis for liberalism. The right, delivered unexpectedly to power, is taking a breather from introspection as it waits to see what […]


Oldest Alphabet Identified as Hebrew by Bruce Bower. The world’s earliest alphabet, inscribed on stone slabs at several Egyptian sites, was an early form of Hebrew, a controversial new analysis concludes. Israelites living in Egypt transformed that civilization’s hieroglyphics into […]


The Constitutional Power of the Electoral College by Michael Stokes Paulsen. The framers of the Constitution designed the elector system to balance the need for the people to have a voice and the desire to have a refined, informed body […]