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The New Yorker reviews Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra, A Culture of Growth by Joel Mokyr, and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.


No Thug Left Behind by Katherine Kersten. Obsessed with “racial equity,” St. Paul schools abandoned discipline—and unleashed mayhem. More.


The Last Hollow Laugh by Paul Sagar. Since Francis Fukuyama proclaimed ‘The End of History’ 25 years ago, he has been much maligned. His work now seems prophetic. More.

Prescription II

The Benedict Option and the Way of Exchange by Alan Jacobs. Surely there has never been a richer and more deeply faithful model of Christian faith and practice than that offered by the leaders of the Church in Roman Cappadocia […]


Not Benedictine Enough: Rod Dreher’s Diagnosis and Prescription for American Christianity by Nathaniel Peters. If the Benedict Option is just Christianity, it is neither inherently Benedictine nor is it optional. If it is a feeling and an intuition, it needs […]


The Night Shift by Jacob Silverman. The true cause of our sleeplessness epidemic. More.


Jefferson, Locke, and the Declaration of Independence by Robert Curry. Although Christopher Hitchens was often cheerfully iconoclastic, his 2005 biography of Thomas Jefferson affirmed the scholarly and popular consensus: the Declaration of Independence is based on John Locke’s ideas. But […]


Oman: The Middle East’s Most Surprising Country by Daniel Pipes. Oman, where I have spent the past week, is an Arab country unlike any other. More.


The Psychedelic Miracle by Mac McClelland. How some doctors are risking everything to unleash the healing power of MDMA, ayahuasca and other hallucinogens. More.


Responding to your Partner’s Attachment Style by David Ludden. The Golden Rule doesn’t always work in marriage. More.


The Real Casanova by Laurence Bergreen. His name is synonymous with serial seduction but Casanova’s memoirs reveal a man greater than the sum of his ‘conquests.’ More.


Relationships Made Simple by Grant H. Brenner. 14 core principles bring clarity to a hazy subject. More.


Information Avoidance by Russell Golman, David Hagmann, and George Loewenstein. We commonly think of information as a means to an end. However, a growing theoretical and experimental literature suggests that information may directly enter the agent’s utility function. This can […]


Cover of Darkness by Jamie Bartlett. The cypherpunks are winning the crypto-war against government spies. What will happen when everyone is anonymous? More.


How To Laugh At God by Stephen Akey. It’s hard to know exactly what moment we occupy in regard to the New Atheism and its concomitant backlash. Are we in the backlash of the backlash? Or the backlash of the […]


Breaking Faith by Peter Beinart. The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse. More.


The Art of Doing Nothing by Colleen Long. Why Italians (but not Americans) get this one right. More.


Europe’s Turkish Awakening by Burak Bekdil. Turkey, officially, is a candidate for full membership in the European Union. It is also negotiating with Brussels a deal that would allow millions of Turks to travel to Europe without visa. But Turkey […]


Neil Gorsuch, Natural Law, and the Limits of Judicial Power by Samuel Gregg. What does natural law say about the power of judges in constitutional systems of government? More.


(Re)Secularizing the University by Michael Rectenwald. The religion of social-justice activism on campus breeds a new kind of secularism. More.