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Centrism: A Moderate Manifesto by Bo Winegard. Centrism. It’s a decidedly wimpy and unexciting word and it often inspires derision as a kind of pallid purgatory for those afraid to take bold action or propound creative political ideas. Worse, it […]


LRB reviews Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith, and The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery.


What Criminologists Don’t Say, and Why by John Paul Wright and Matt DeLisi. Monopolized by the Left, academic research on crime gets almost everything wrong. More.


A New, Old Challenge: Global Anti-Libertarianism by Tom G. Palmer. A spectre is haunting the world: the spectre of radical anti-libertarian movements, each grappling with the others like scorpions in a bottle and all competing to see which can dismantle […]


Can Reason Make Room for Religion in Public Life? by Ruth Jackson. Contemporary Western liberals often assume that theological and political worldviews are competing discourses. Religion, when it enters the political arena, is cast as just another ideology vying for […]


Militarization Makes Police More Violent by Adam Bates. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday the Trump Administration’s repeal an Obama-era rule limiting the distribution of certain military equipment (such as tracked vehicles, camouflage uniforms, high-powered rifles, bayonets, and grenade […]


Hurricane Harvey and the National Flood Insurance Fiasco by Ronald Bailey. Don’t build in flood plains, and especially don’t rebuild in flood plains. More.


The Rise and Fall of the Christian Bookstore by Jonathan Merritt. Back in the 1990s, it often seemed that every city and town in America had a strip mall with a Christian bookstore where you could purchase WWJD bracelets and […]


The New York Review of Books reviews Sex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century by Geoffrey R. Stone.


Scientific American’s Transgenderism Issue Only Delegitimizes Science by Julie Kelly. It represents a wholesale retreat from the principle that science should be apolitical, further jeopardizing the integrity of science and potentially inflicting real harm on people. More.


The Joe Arpaio Pardon Was Trump-Level Political Theater From Top To Bottom by Warren Henry. Capricious, politically motivated, and generating more heat than light, it was a thoroughly Trumpian pardon. More.


Ideas Were Not Enough by Mark Koyama. Locke, Spinoza and Voltaire were all brilliant, but religious freedom in Europe was driven by statecraft not philosophy. More.


Pure Genius by Michael M. Rosen. In The Genius of Judaism, French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy explores the deep, lasting contributions—intellectual, moral, and philosophical—that the Jews have made to Western civilization, especially in France. His creative, affecting, and personal exposition is […]


America’s Post-Charlottesville Nervous Breakdown Was Deliberately Induced by Stella Morabito. Americans are being emotionally manipulated to take up cause with those whose ultimate purpose is the repeal of the First Amendment and erasure of national memory. More.


Show Me the Taxpayers’ Money by Steven Malanga. Hollywood is seeking ever more generous giveaways from local governments—though some are having doubts. More.


Why Spinoza Still Matters by Steven Nadler. At a time of religious zealotry, Spinoza’s fearless defence of intellectual freedom is more timely than ever. More.


National Sovereignty and the Challenge of Immigration by Samuel Gregg. The idea of national sovereignty is indispensable to any coherent discussion of immigration policy. More.


Don’t Think Too Positive by Gabriele Oettingen. Fantasies about the future have a troubling effect on achieving actual goals. If positive thinking doesn’t work, what does? More.


Is it Wrong to Blame Islam? by Spencer Case. Jihadi terrorists claim to act on the authority of Islam. Could they be right? Some very influential people seem to think that it is morally wrong even to consider this hypothesis. […]


Pursuing Unity: Race and the American Story by S. Adam Seagrave. The primary cause of American disintegration is not the proliferation of sources of division, but rather the absence of sources of unity to counterbalance and contextualize them. The racial […]