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National Sovereignty and the Challenge of Immigration by Samuel Gregg. The idea of national sovereignty is indispensable to any coherent discussion of immigration policy. More.


Don’t Think Too Positive by Gabriele Oettingen. Fantasies about the future have a troubling effect on achieving actual goals. If positive thinking doesn’t work, what does? More.


Is it Wrong to Blame Islam? by Spencer Case. Jihadi terrorists claim to act on the authority of Islam. Could they be right? Some very influential people seem to think that it is morally wrong even to consider this hypothesis. […]


Pursuing Unity: Race and the American Story by S. Adam Seagrave. The primary cause of American disintegration is not the proliferation of sources of division, but rather the absence of sources of unity to counterbalance and contextualize them. The racial […]


Diversity Includes Intellectual Diversity by Glenn Geher. Diversity Includes Intellectual Diversity. More. Related: The Google Memo: Four Scientists Respond by Quillette Magazine. See here.


Freud the Philosopher by David Livingstone Smith. Before fathering psychoanalysis, Freud first slayed the dominant Cartesian intellectual tradition of mind-body dualism. More.


Okay, Google: How Do You Prepare A Country For Totalitarianism? by Robert Tracinski. To be ready for dictatorship, people have to embrace its habits and practices voluntarily, or at least show little resistance. Google is doing its part. More.


Scientists Unveil a New Inventory of the Universe’s Dark Contents by Natalie Wolchover. The first major results from the Dark Energy Survey signal the start of a new era of cosmology. More.


Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? by Jean M. Twenge. More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis. More.


Why the Left Can’t Solve Global Warming by Shikha Dalmia. Greens are more interested on assigning blame than looking for fixes. More.


More on Nancy MacLean by Marian L. Tupy. I realize that I am a bit late to this party and that many of Nancy MacLean’s strange claims and factual errors have already been exposed and debunked by people much more […]


A Song of Ice and Fire by Eric Kurlander. World Ice Theory and the supernatural imaginary of the Third Reich. More.

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