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The Consuming Self by Nathanael Blake. Americans increasingly identify with our consumption. When combined with political tribalism, the result is the increasing refusal to do business with members of other political or cultural groups. In the end, an identity based […]


Why Happy People Cheat by Esther Perel. A good marriage is no guarantee against infidelity. More.


The Media Keep Saying Houston’s Development Caused It to Flood by Christian Britschgi. The flood waters from Hurricane Harvey are mercifully receding from Houston. Unfortunately, the flood of hot takes blaming Houston’s development for the floods has continued unabated. Despite […]


Emotional Appeals For DACA Evade The Fact That It’s Blatantly Unconstitutional by Thomas Ascik. It doesn’t matter whether you like DACA or not. When the president makes laws, we justly call that tyranny. More.