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LARB profiles theologian David Bentley Hart.

Too Many?

The Teacher-Shortage Myth by Larry Sand. There is no dearth of teachers; in fact, we may have too many. More.


The First Web Apps: 5 Apps That Shaped the Internet as We Know It by Matthew Guay. Something new was in the air. It was July 1995, the hottest New York summer in a decade and a half, but heat […]


Meet the Leader of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy by Edward-Isaac Dovere. Jeff Merkley could inherit Bernie Sanders’ progressive mantle in 2020. But for now, he’s spending his time plotting the resistance against the Trump presidency. More.


Why Medicare for All Would Damage our Republic by Jay Cost. Giving trillions to the medical-services industry would turn it into a kind of Praetorian Guard, wielding huge influence over the affairs of state. More.


The Natural Law of Free Speech by William J. Haun. With Progressives increasingly condoning censorship of conservative views as “hate speech,” conservatives are responding with an increasingly absolutist freedom of speech. Some recent essays written in reaction to the Antifa/neo-Nazi […]


Kurds Need A Street: A (Classical) Liberal Case for Kurdistan by Jonah Cohen. The eyes of the world are fixed uneasily upon a referendum about to be held in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Kurds will, undoubtedly, vote for an […]