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Can Cosmology Prove or Disprove Creation? by William E. Carroll. Whatever begins has a cause. Big Bang cosmology tells us that the universe has a beginning. Therefore, the universe as a whole has a cause; that is, it is created. […]


An Introduction To The Dark Arts Of Opposition Research by Hilary Krieger. If you’re looking for someone to teach you the dark arts of opposition research, Alan Huffman is your man. A former daily news reporter and a political researcher […]


How Internet Porn Is Changing How Men and Women Are Having Sex by Philip Perry. Sexual satisfaction is important for pair bonding in a relationship, as well as for one’s own psychological health. What’s more, we’re living in an age […]


We’re Blindly Picking Between Political Poisons by J.D. Tuccille. Our political system is dominated by two major political parties with serious identity crises. More.


Just How Much Did Nancy MacLean Get Wrong? by Brian Doherty. Despite being a finalist for the National Book Awards, Democracy in Chains is fatally flawed history. More.

No Conflict

Contra Leo Strauss, There’s No Conflict Between Reason and Revelation by Paul R. DeHart. Strauss’s account of reason and revelation seems to depend for its intelligibility on an account of knowledge—upon an epistemic method and a noetic structure—itself ultimately unintelligible. […]


Neuroscience—and the New Weapons of the Mind by Robert Bruner and Filippa Lentzos. Scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of the biological basis of behavior and cognition have given rise to numerous treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. These treatments have […]


How to Stop the Deadliest Drug Overdose Crisis in American History by German Lopez. The opioid epidemic could kill hundreds of thousands in the next decade. But America can beat it. More.


The Corruption of Biblical Studies by Joshua Berman. Academic scrutiny of scripture, a discipline prey to intellectual fashion since its inception, is today pursued by many in the service of secular liberal positions. More.


What is Mindfulness? Nobody Really Knows, and That’s a Problem by Nicholas T Van Dam and Nick Haslam. You’ve probably heard of mindfulness. These days, it’s everywhere, like many ideas and practices drawn from Buddhist texts that have become part […]


Why ‘Medicare for All’ Will Sink the Democrats by Steven Rattner. Repeal-and-replace may be done for now, but for Senator Bernie Sanders, the war is just beginning — and it has already become a fracas that is dividing the Democratic […]


CJ reviews Ask the Janitor: An Insider’s Look at Public Education in America by John B. Muciaccia.


Monuments to Unbelief by Leigh E Schmidt. Atheist museums, Satanic temples and Thomas Paine statues: how secularists push back against religion in the public sphere. More.

Religious Liberty

The Church and the Republic by Richard Reinsch. Orestes Brownson’s wonderful essay “Civil and Religious Freedom” (1864) provides a remarkable philosophical and constitutional defense of religious liberty. The essay bears the particular merit of bridging the traditional American understanding of […]


Amazon’s Utopian Criteria by Steven Malanga. Looking to open a second headquarters somewhere, the online retailer sets cities and states scrambling to fulfill its contradictory set of demands. More.

Reformation Day

Three Things I Want My Catholic Friends to Know about Reformation Day by Anna Mussmann. This is the time of year when my Lutheran friends share photos of Reformation choirs and Luther-themed socks on social media. Yet to my Roman […]


Why Liberals Are Turning Against the Internet by Leon Hadar. Following the news of late might lead one to conclude that Mark Zuckerberg is America’s Public Enemy Number One, and that the World Wide Web is destroying the foundations of […]


Antonin Scalia’s Son Speaks About His Father’s Legacy by Dominic Lynch. In an interview with The Federalist, Christopher Scalia opens up about his father and discusses ‘Scalia Speaks,’ a new collection of the late Supreme Court justice’s speeches. More.


The Secrets of Sleep by Jerome Groopman. Why do we need it, and are we getting enough? More.

Myth Redux

The Myth of Scientific Objectivity by William A. Wilson. My friends who work in scientific fields were aghast when they saw that the organizers of a planned “March for Science” had tweeted that “colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, […]