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When the Law Recognizes Animals as People by Suzanne Monyak. Two states have taken steps towards treating animals as individuals, a shift in their legal rights that could have wide repercussions. More.

Bad Idea

Conservatives Are Passing Laws Requiring Public Universities to Protect Free Speech. It’s Probably a Bad Idea by Nick Phillips. This month, South Dakota became the latest state to see Republican legislators propose a bill requiring public universities to implement pro-free […]


Yale Feminists Demand Frats Allow Women by Toni Airaksinen. Feminist students at Yale University are lobbying the administration to force all-male fraternities to open recruitment to women in the name of “equity and inclusion.” However, no corresponding push is being […]


Against the Technocrats by Sheri Berman. Reading the newspaper today can make one easily depressed about democracy. Promising new democracies in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey have slid into illiberalism and pseudo-authoritarianism while long-standing democracies in the West are under attack […]