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Gets It

An Atheist Who Gets It by Gabrielle D’Virgilio.

In the last 10 years the world has had to endure the plague of the “New Atheists.” While not as deadly as those Moses helped visit upon the Egyptians, they are still excruciatingly annoying. Their arguments, such as they are, reveal a type of trite fundamentalism that continually begs the question, over and over and over. But not all atheists are New; one “Old” atheist is British philosopher John Gray, who recently penned a piece for The Guardian titled, “What Scares the New Atheists.”

What separates the Old from the New are the implications that arise from the assertion that reality is purely a material phenomenon. Nether have a logical basis for moral values, but the former admit that to one degree or another, while the latter don’t see any reason to have to justify a basis for such values; they simply assert they exist. The New Atheists also reject the notion that anything good can come from religious faith, while the latter admit that obviously history shows it can, including that liberal values (in the sense of human freedom and dignity) is very much a product of the Christian faith.


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