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Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Infuriate Left with Islam Critique by Jordan Schachtel.

Bill Maher and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins took Islam to task during the former’s Real Time show on HBO this weekend, leading liberals to engage in a series of meltdowns nationwide.

Noting that they were both Atheists, and that all religion is “f*****g stupid,” the two agreed that followers of Islam are a “protected species.”

Dawkins said he was “shocked” at how universities are engaging in a “betrayal” of free-speech movements that were led by the liberals of previous generations. He asked: “If you can’t speak your mind on a university campus, where can you?”

Maher added: “This notion that somehow Islam and Muslims are a protected species, that if we talk about them at all, or criticize them at all, it’s somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It’s a ridiculous idea.”


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