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Bill Maher, Atheist Fundamentalist: Why He Gives Nonbelievers a Bad Name by Patrick Hilsman.

I really want to like Bill Maher. He calls out Islamic fundamentalist regimes for their brutal oppression of women, and that is absolutely righteous. When he points out that not enough people criticize Saudi Arabia for torturing and murdering political dissidents on fake charges, he is completely right. He slams liberals for being too easy on Islamic radicals, and in many cases he is correct. He believes rational thought — not religious superstition — should govern society. I can get behind that.

As an atheist, it has taken me a good deal of time to articulate what exactly angers me about Bill Maher, and I’ve finally figured it out. Bill Maher pisses me off because at the end of the day, realizing that there is no god doesn’t absolve him or his homies from having to use critical thinking skills ever again. Atheism doesn’t excuse his propagation of absurd conspiracy theories, even if they are presented in secular language. Nor does atheism exonerate people from parroting untruths without investigating the facts.

And atheism certainly doesn’t vindicate Bill Maher from demonizing other cultures based mostly on propaganda and rarely on history.


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