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This Isn’t A Culture War. It’s A War On Culture by David Harsanyi.

When liberal Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor — overwhelming rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance for the transgendered (among others), a hysterical New York Times editorial accused voters of being transphobic hate mongers with blood on their hands.

There are, perhaps, some other possibilities.

For example, maybe a majority of voting Houstonians believed they could handle these social interactions without orders from the city council? Maybe, without any animus, they believe genetically corresponding girls and boys should use girls and boys restrooms? Maybe they find laws micromanaging the affairs and relationships of business owners intrusive?

I find myself in the last group. If you want to join a same-sex transgendered polyamorous relationship, mazel tov. Sounds intriguing. We can argue about what that means to society, but no one is going to stop you. That, however, isn’t enough. In contemporary politics, the Left is intent on commandeering your culture, too. They may coerce you to perform services in ceremonies against your faith, pick up the tab on abortions, or bequeath people who identify as the opposite gender state-guaranteed privileges in your private establishment. Or they may just try and shame you.


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