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Dear Jimmy Kimmel: Stay Out Of The Gun Debate If You Can’t Be Honest by Daniel Payne.

Dear Mr. Kimmel,

I don’t actually watch your show—the lost-sleep-to-comedy ratio isn’t in your favor, I’m afraid—but as a political opinion writer I am sometimes forced to follow your political ramblings, most of which are well-meaning but deeply misguided and ignorant.

Such is the case with your recent missive on gun control after the Las Vegas massacre, what the Washington Post called an “emotional, scathing monologue,” but might better be styled “a deeply misguided and ignorant rant about a topic which Jimmy Kimmel appears to know very little.” Mr. Kimmel, for the sake of our public discourse and the effect that discourse may have on our civil rights, please: stay out of the gun control debate. You are in over your head.

I know you think you’re not, because, as you put it, you’re “emotional” about the whole thing, and you presumably believe—consciously or otherwise—that raw emotion is an acceptable substitute for truth. It is not. There are plenty of useful and commendable things you can do with that emotion: you can give blood, memorialize the victims of this brutal tragedy on your popular television show, offer financial assistance to survivors in a variety of ways. But you cannot allow mere sentiment to stand in place of reasoned and well-informed political dialogue. That is reckless and irresponsible.


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