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Yale Feminists Demand Frats Allow Women by Toni Airaksinen.

Feminist students at Yale University are lobbying the administration to force all-male fraternities to open recruitment to women in the name of “equity and inclusion.” However, no corresponding push is being made to integrate sororities.


Related: Andrew Nuttall made some insightful comments to the above post:

The fact that this kind of legislation is on the table shows that the United States [is] struggling to protect its democracy from an ideological world-view which is fundamentally anti-democratic. The real problem is that the humanities, through the failure to expose students to critiques of certain ideologies, have indoctrinated them with a psychological complex that can only involve three types of actor in any narrative: victims, persecutors, and rescuers (VPR). This VPR complex makes authoritarian solutions appear to be the epitome of enlightenment since it only offers egoistic satisfaction (the feeling of being “right”) and a moralistic sense that it is acceptable to persecute those who disagree. Thus, due process becomes unimportant and civil discourse is viewed as a power struggle rather than an opportunity to find solutions. But break the VPR complex and you can eliminate the need for formal protection of civil discourse. Currently, the VPR complex is bolstered ideologically by media pundits and demagogues, and this is what is undermining the stability of American (and Canadian) democracy.

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