Darwin’s Beliefs

What did Darwin really believe about God?


Lacking Will

The West Lacks Will to Win War on Terror here.


World Economy

Paul Krugman versus Niall Ferguson.


Obama’s War

Here I said that if Obama winds up being President for eight years, he would end up pulling out of Afghanistan in a repeat of our Vietnam folly. Yesterday, the New York Times wondered if Afghanistan will become Obama’s Vietnam?

Afghanistan, of course, is not exactly Vietnam. At its peak, the United States had about 500,000 troops in Vietnam, compared with about 68,000 now set for Afghanistan, and most of those fighting in the 1960s were draftees as opposed to volunteer soldiers. Vietnam, therefore, reached deeper into American society, touching more homes and involving more unwilling participants. But the politics of the two seem to evoke comparisons.

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Searching for the new Muslim woman.


The Other Closet

Atheists coming out of the closet.

“Coming out of the closet” is a term most associated with gays and lesbians announcing to the world that they are homosexual. Few regret it, having found their way toward a more open and satisfying life.

But there is another closet which is hiding a different minority: atheists. Many of us, like many gays of previous decades, hide in the shadows due to fear of hostility and aversion to confrontations.

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Christian Eschatology

A look at various eschatological schemes.



Are the Gospels mythical?