Westsern Civ II

And we move closer to this.



Life is an adventure in forgiveness. (Norman Cousins)


A Good Idea

A good idea.

I’m just wondering. We constantly hear Democrats, starting with Obama, insist that Americans should have the same health care options as members of Congress and the federal government. I seem to recall John Edwards demogoging this point relentlessly. Well, why not turn it around? Why shouldn’t Democrats in Congress and the White House pledge to drop their current health insurance and agree to use whatever public plan they come up with? It will save taxpayers’ money and satisfy all sorts of progressive nostrums about equality and whatnot. At minimum, this seems like a good question to ask Obamacare supporters at these town halls. Of course, if Congress did sign up for the public plan, the public plan would inexorably become gold-plated — or two-tier — right? (Jonah Goldberg)